The Silver Case Remastered

Suda51 shows The Silver Case Remastered for the first time

His debut tittle, now with new graphics and English subs, will finally make it to the West.

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Goichi "Suda51" Suda showed up at E3 2016 to introduce the music and composers for Let it Die, Grasshopper's newest online survival game for PS4. The game comes with more than 100 songs from indie bands, with a set list curated under the supervision of Akira Yamaoka. Looking beyond that, however, Grasshopper Manufacture has another project in the works, The Silver Case Remastered.

Last month we heard that the Japanese studio is remaking the PSOne game ahead of its international release on PC. This is the first and only game from the so-called Kill The Past trilogy that hasn't made it over to the West before now, with both Flower, Sun and Rain for Nintendo DS and Killer 7 for GameCube launching oversees. Now fans have seen the third game at the Kyoto BitSummit Indie Festival.

Suda51 was there at BitSummit and played The Silver Case Remastered. In this video you can see the game with new HD graphics and English text.

The Silver Case Remastered

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