Shadows of the Damned

Suda51 says 2024 will be a 'lively year' for Grasshopper Manufacture

As well as a Shadows of the Damned remaster, a new game is being worked on.

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Suda51 is a household name to a lot of gamers. The creator of the No More Heroes series, he has earned a name for himself as an eccentric storyteller and game developer, but fans can't help watch and see what comes next from Suda.

Now, in an interview with 4Gamer.net looking to the new year, he has said that 2024 will be an exciting one for Grasshopper Manufacture.

"2024 will be a lively year for Grasshopper. A remaster of Shadows of the Damned will be released. And we are hard at work on a new title!"

Suda's colleague Ren Yamazaki also shared some excitement for 2024. "In 2024, we will continue to work hard to create fun games. I think we should be able to announce something in 2024."

A Shadows of the Damned remaster was announced earlier this year, and the studio is working on a new title as well, so there's plenty to get hyped about if you're a fan of Suda51's work.

Shadows of the Damned

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