Subnautica comes to PS4, without PSVR support?

Panic Button steps in to handle the port.

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Unknown Worlds aquatic horror adventure Subnautica is heading to PlayStation 4. Port experts Panic Button is responsible for the console version, not just the PS4 one but also the final release on Xbox One (already available through the Xbox Game Preview program). The plan is to release it in stores, digital and retail, in time for the holiday season.

Adam Creighton, Studio GM & Director of Development at Panic Button, was the one announcing the port on the PlayStation blog. Subnautica sees the player try to survive in a strange, alien planet, mostly covered by water. To do so, players need to find food, water and crafting materials for need equipment and base building.

The PC version of the game is fully compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift VR devices, making it one of the scariest experiences on the platform. But it doesn't look like the PS4 version will be compatible with PSVR, because there is no mention to the device, neither in the official announcement or in the product description on PlayStation Store. Don't forget to read our review of Subnautica, if you haven't already.

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