Sublevel Zero

Sublevel Zero heads to Nintendo Switch

Will feature Gyroscopic controls on Nintendo's hybrid console.

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Publisher Coatsink and developer Sigtrap have announced that 6-degrees-of-freedom roguelike shooter Sublevel Zero Redux is heading to the Nintendo Switch later this year. The game will be priced at £17.99 ($19.99, €19.99) on the Nintendo eShop, and features gyroscopic controls for those who feel daring enough to test their gyro skills.

Sigtrap Games co-founder Luke Thompson had this to say on the partnership and the Switch version (via press release): 'The creation of SubLevel Zero Redux was inspired by gaming classics from my childhood such as Descent on PC and Forsaken on Nintendo N64. We're thrilled to be bringing our homage to these games to the Nintendo Switch in collaboration with Coatsink.'

Sublevel Zero Redux is already available on both PC as well as PS4 and Xbox One and it's also playable on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Sublevel Zero
Sublevel ZeroSublevel Zero
Sublevel ZeroSublevel Zero

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