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Style yourself with a new watch from Kojima Productions and NASA

It'll be debuting on September 27, and is called Space Ludens.

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Kojima Productions has found a new partner in the space agency, NASA. The pair are collaborating on a product, and for those hoping that this will be a new game, unfortunately it isn't, rather it's for a watch.

Known as the Space Ludens, the watch is being created by Anicorn, and is designed as a limited timepiece that features both stylings of Kojima Productions, and then also the NASA logo embroidered on the body.

"ANICORN is honored to present the once in a lifetime collaboration timepiece - SPACE LUDENS, an epic partnership that is inspired by Ludens to proclaim creativity, imagination and the play element in culture," Anicorn stated on Twitter.

"ANICORN designed SPACE LUDENS with KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS using the NASA logo as one of the design motifs, it is a perfect alignment with the concept of 'bringing fun into the unknown universe'."

Style yourself with a new watch from Kojima Productions and NASA

"The timepiece is fundamentally induced by the Ludens EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) Creative Suit."

"Ludens is the KOJIMA PRODUCTION studio icon and mascot designed by Yoji Shinkawa that was originally born from the idea of an astronaut exploring a digital space."

The watch itself is slated to drop on September 27 at around 13:00 BST / 14:00 CEST. The exact prices of the timepiece have not been revealed.

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