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Stunning Battletoads soundtrack collection going vinyl

Here's a treat for collectors and fans of the Battletoads.

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Do you like any of the following things: the original Battletoads soundtrack, the soundtrack from the Battletoads game that released last week, Battletoads in general, or just really beautiful video game collector's items? If so, then iam8bit once again has some really juicy things on offer.

Specifically, the thing that caught our eye is a double-LP with one of the pink records containing the music from the original NES game composed by David Wise (Donkey Kong Country, Diddy Kong Racing), and the second LP the somewhat heavier soundtrack from last week's Battletoads return from David Housden (Thomas Was Alone). All this in a 3D Pop-Up gatefold that literally throws you a huge fist when opening it.

Among the buyers, 500 random people will also receive a classic cassette called Rash's Toadally Rad Adventure Cassette. If you are more into clothes, mugs and stuff like that, we suggest you check the Rare Store for cool collector's items. We'd also like to remind you to check out our Battletoads review if you haven't already done so.


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