Studio MDHR's Cuphead debuts on PlayStation 4

Once rumoured, now confirmed - Studio MDHR's beloved Cuphead is now available on PlayStation 4.

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As anticipated yesterday by a leak, Cuphead has officially made its debut on PlayStation 4, after having been an exclusive game for Xbox One / PC and then landing on Nintendo Switch. To celebrate its grand debut on Sony's console, Studio MDHR has made a new stop motion short movie, made in collaboration with the Toronto Stop Motion Department studio.

As Chad Moldenhauer, co-director of Studio MDHR, writes about the movie:

"Inspired by our love for the eerie, off-kilter style of 1933 experimental short The Peanut Vendor, Stop Motion Department went the extra mile to ensure that they were holding themselves to many of the same techniques as stop motion animators of the era. Puppet Fabricators Karen Valleau and Lauren Craig built the King Dice and Cuphead puppets with wooden heads, leather hands, and lots of primary shapes to reflect the children's toys of the 1930s, which were made with simple manufacturing like drill presses and saws."

You can watch Cuphead's new short movie at the top of this news.


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