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Studio MDHR gives us a look at the evolution of Cuphead

The studio reveals early prototypes and concept art one year after the launch of the game.

This weekend just passed marked the one year anniversary of the worldwide release of Cuphead, and that being the case the folks over at Studio MDHR are obviously feeling a little nostalgic.

Over on Twitter the studio has shared a short gif showing the first Flash prototype for the concept that would eventually go on to become Cuphead. It was called Jay & a Slushie, and as you can see in the image below and the short gif linked above, it bears a resemblance to Cuphead in the sense that it stars a small hero who has to take on a giant boss.


It's also a great example of just how far a concept can travel between inception and final release. Apart from the scale of the boss battles, there aren't that many similarities between this short Flash game and the title that Cuphead would eventually become, and it proves just how much of an evolution a game can go through during its development.

If you're a fan of the game, you should definitely head over and check out the anniversary thread. They share the next stage of the evolution of the concept, as well as delve into the process of designing the characters. It's well worth checking out.

Cuphead is set to return next year with The Delicious Last Course, an expansion starring a new character by the name of Ms. Chalice. Like the base game before it, the new content will land on Windows 10 PC and Xbox One, although a release date has yet to materialise.


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