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Stuart Jeff talks about the concept behind DropZone

MOBA and RTS elements "makes for some really exciting head-to-head competition."

Gamereactor recently got the chance to speak with DropZone's Design Director Stuart Jeff and we found out more about the intriguing concept that DropZone plays with.

Introducing us to the game, he said "DropZone is really the game that we at Sparkypants have always really wanted to play. It combines a lot of the exciting action and combat from a MOBA with what I think of as the heart and soul of an RTS. So in DropZone you're going to be controlling three units at one time. Now each one of these units you can completely customise, completely change up all the abilities on them, and it's really all about just scoring the most points in 15 minutes, and that may not sound like a strategy game but we think that it makes for some really exciting head-to-head competition."

Dwelling more upon the RTS aspect of the game, Jeff said "the heart and soul of an RTS is the player's attention is the primary resource. There's so much going on [so] a lot of the game is deciding 'what am I going to focus on right now and how can I advance my strategy to win the game'."

DropZone is in closed beta right now but Jeff hopes that it will come to open beta by the end of the year in order to launch at the beginning of next year.

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