Strikers Edge

Strikers Edge is coming to PS4 and PC very soon

Winner of a 'best Portuguese videogame' award.

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Strikers Edge is described as "medieval dodge-ball" or "dodge-brawl", and it's coming soon to PC and PlayStation 4. The game will be coming on January 30, in fact, and it will include a solo campaign, local multiplayer, and online multiplayer: 1v1 or 2v2. Strikers Edge won the first edition of the "Portuguese PlayStation Awards", a competition that gets the winning studio a new office, financing, PS4 kits, and ad campaigns.

The game will be released with eight different 'Strikers' and four arenas, each with its own unique location, story, layout, obstacles and hazards, as well as weather conditions and time of day. There's still no info regarding the price, but you can get a small idea of how Strikers Edge works by watching the trailer below.

Strikers EdgeStrikers Edge
Strikers EdgeStrikers EdgeStrikers Edge

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