Strike Suit Zero

Strike Suit Zero on Kickstarter

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Guildford based studio Born Ready Games are putting their Strike Suit Zero on Kickstarter with a slightly different pitch than most developers on the crowdfunding site. Instead of help to launch the game, they want people to help finish the game and for this they ask $100,000 - and they are also hoping input from fans and backers will help them steer the project in the best possible direction.

Strike Suit Zero

The Kickstarter tiers will allow you to pledge anything from $15 (early bird - a DRM free copy of the game) to $10,000 where you'll get to co-operate with Junji Okubo to design a mech of your own in the game. The campaign is off to a decent start so let's hope it works out for Born Ready Games.

If you're interested in Strike Suit Zero and are considering backing the game - head over to the Kickstarter campaign page.

Check out our interview on Strike Suit Zero from Gamescom last month, for some idea of what to expect:

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