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Strike Suit Zero Interview

GRTV: Mechs and space combat.

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Strike Suit Zero is sci-fi shooter with a twist. Gillen caught up with lead designer Christopher Redden at Gamescom and found out more about the game and its story: "There's a war going on between Earth and its colonies. It's been going on for some time, so at the start of the game they're at a stalemate, but the colonies have found a weapon to really turn the tides."

"So they use the weapon on your fleet and really devastate it and it's on the way to Earth, and it's going to destroy Earth. You need to find a way to stop the weapon, but you've got a trick up your sleeve: somewhere far away some research has been done finding ways to beat it and they've built a ship call the Strike Suit... A transforming fighter that has other improved qualities that you have to unlock through playing the game."

Redden went on to explain how the mech/space fighter will work: "The Strike Suit has this energy bar that you build up through doing damage, taking damage, killing enemy fighters, which limits how much you can use the Strike Suit, though not by a lot. So you can use the bar without filling it up or you can use it at maximum and get a lot of time out of it. It's fairly forgiving."

And on influences, the lead designer from Doublesix explained where they get some of their inspiration from: "We have very realistic, down-to-earth humans fighting humans. At the same time we love the mystery of what they do in Japanese anime stuff. We love Macross, we love Gundam, and there's a bit of that in there and you'll uncover that as you go."

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