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Streets of Rage 4

Street of Rage 4 DLC 'Mr. X Nightmare' details revealed

There will be a new playable character and new game modes.

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Yesterday developers Dotemu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush revealed some exciting details about the upcoming DLC of their action game Street of Rage 4.

The DLC 'Mr. X Nightmare' will take players to "go back into Wood Oak City, and join forces with Axel, Blaze and their mates to face the new threats that will stand in your way," the statement reads.

Here's what the new DLC features:

- The intimidating and powerful Estel Aguirre as a playable character
- New smashing game modes
- Extra moves and weapons to keep the battles interesting
- Exclusive tracks by Tee Lopes

A free patch will also be released along the paid DLC, and it includes:

- New character palettes
- Training and tutorials mode
- Mania+ difficulty mode
- Gameplay tweaks

Other than these, the art/creative director Ben Fiquet also shared an interesting little fact about how turning a boss into playable character can be quite uneasy:

"Getting Estel from boss to playable character is a lot of work. At least 2 or 3 times the amount of frames to have a full range of moves and possibilities, on top of implementing the gameplay and combos."

Well, sounds like they do put in a lot of effort to get fans the best experience as possible, and this definitely sounds like something worth looking forward to. At the end of the trailer below, you can also see that there are actually going to be 3 new characters, Estel is one of them, the rest two are to be announced and more details about the DLC will be revealed soon.


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