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Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 Details Gameplay Changes

From returning favourite features to the new Drive mechanic, there's a lot to unpack.

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Street Fighter 6 looks to be the culmination of all the series' past entries. As it combines the new-age smoothness with the more traditional controls that will give nostalgic fans a reason to pick up the latest entry in the fighter franchise, it seems there could be something for everyone this time around.

Game Informer, having visited Capcom's headquarters in Osaka, Japan, have been the first to unveil these new details, and there's a lot to unpack in their cover story. First, it's worth looking at the Drive mechanic, which acts as a constantly regenerating sort of stamina meter.

It has multiple uses in Street Fighter 6, as Drive Parry can deflect incoming attacks, Drive Rush can get you in close to an enemy, while Drive Impact gives an offensive edge that can break through an opponent's attacks. Super Arts also make a return, and they combine with the Drive mechanic to create a smooth fighting experience.

There are also options for newer players to simplify gameplay. Namely, there's the Modern controls option, which simplifies gameplay and making combos easier to perform. This combination of old and new extends to the roster for Street Fighter 6 as well, again making this fighter one to watch as it seems Capcom are looking to avoid the launch woes of the series' last entry.

Street Fighter 6 launches in 2023.

Street Fighter 6

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