Dark Souls

Streamer completes Dark Souls trilogy without getting hit

You can tell how much it meant to him on stream.

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Dark Souls is known for being a pretty difficult series from start to finish, which makes this latest bit of news all the more impressive, as Kotaku has reported that streamer The_Happy_Hob has completed all three games without getting hit, a marvelous feat in one game, let alone all three.

He'd actually just had a massive setback by perishing right at the end of 3, but when trying the run again in reverse - completing 3 and 2 before taking on the first game - he finally did it, beating the whole thing without a scratch on him. To be extra clear, this was done without cheating, glitches, or any foul play, so hats off to him for his persistence.

One of the more emotional moments in the journey can be viewed here, in a clip where The_Happy_Hob beats Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, the final part of his quest. Do you have the patience to try this?

Dark Souls

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