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League of Legends

Streamer breaks record for longest marathon on a MOBA

He was streaming for 72 hours.

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As reported by The Dot Esports, League of Legends streamer Jon Eimer broke the world record for longest video game marathon on a MOBA game, coming in at 72 hours with two allocated breaks (those being allowed by Guinness World Records).

"Everything went amazing," Eimer said. "The stream had its highs and its lows but was a life changing event as a whole [...] My gameplay was also severely impacted the further the stream went on. The longer I went the worse I definitely got."

This wasn't all to prove a point, however, as he also raised $900 USD, with 72% going to the Extra Life charity, a charity using the power of video games and video game marathons to raise money for children's hospitals.

Viewers from all over the world, including Australia, Italy, and Serbia, tuned in to watch the stream, peaking at 120 viewers. Could you manage 72 hours streaming?

League of Legends

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