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Stray receives a new gameplay trailer and a release window of early 2022

The game follows a lost cat's journey to find its home.

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Last night at the Annapurna Interactive showcase we got a closer look at several exciting new indie games that are soon coming to PC and consoles. One of the games to receive the spotlight was Stray, an adventure game that follows the journey of a lost cat that is trying to find its way home. In the showcase, we received a new gameplay trailer (which can be watched above) and a new release window of early 2022.

The gameplay trailer showcased how truly unique the game is as we haven't really seen any realistic third-person games where you play as a house cat. Here we also got a closer look at some of the technology that can be used by the feline protagonist. With the cat having no thumbs, completing some actions can be tough, but luckily a small robot drone known as B12 is present to help you with solving puzzles and interacting with the city's inhabitants. B12 can also be used during hostile encounters to laser blast foes to pieces.

A new post on the PlayStation blog was also published recently and it goes into some further detail about the game.


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