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Stray is launching this July

And it'll be available for certain tiers of PS Plus subscribers at launch.

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Bluetwelve is finally ready to get its cat adventure game Stray into the hands of fans it seems, as during the recently concluded State of Play broadcast, it was just revealed that the game will in fact be launching as soon as next month, on July 19 to be exact.

But that's not the only bit of Stray news we received, as this was conveyed through a brand-new trailer, which gives a fresh look at the sorts of gameplay that it will offer, a trailer that concluded by revealing that the game will also be a PlayStation Plus title at launch.

The catch of course is that this won't be available to all PS Plus subscribers. Only those who pay for the two more expensive tiers (PS Plus Premium and PS Plus Extra) will get this one for 'free'.

Regardless, take a look at the new gameplay trailer below.


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