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Strategy game Warno to be released via Early Access in January

The hope is for this to be the ultimate World War III simulator.

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French developer and publisher Eugen Systems, most recently behind Steel Division 2 and previously perhaps best known for the Wargame games, is releasing a new real-time strategy game in January called Warno. If you're familiar with Wargame from the past, it's perhaps no stretch to say that Warno is a spiritual sequel to those games, set in a fictional scenario where the Cold War has become a full-scale war.

Warno will of course feature a lot of real-time combat, but it will also embrace the turn-based Army General campaign that we first saw in Steel Division 2. This game mode has almost the same structure and layout as the classic hexagon tabletop games that became popular in the 80s. Eugen Systems also announces that in Warno, they are taking everything they learned during Wargames and Steel Division with the hope that this will be the ultimate World War III simulator.

As early as January 20th we'll get the chance to try it out when it's released to Steam Early Access.


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