Strange Brigade

Strange Brigade cranks the difficulty up to 11

A Photo Mode has been added too.

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Strange Brigade was unleashed on the world in August, and has since then received a few new story campaigns, some new adventurers, and a handful of maps. Now Rebellion has announced that the co-op shooter will received a Photo Mode and an Extreme Mode to keep the momentum going.

Extreme Mode is a new difficulty setting that makes "every enemy more than a dash more durable, and every hit pack an even bigger wallop. Extreme Mode is designed to encourage players to put their thinking caps on and get tactical," according to the press release.

The Photo Mode is a little bit calmer though, and has a range of filters, frames, and settings. Both this and the Extreme Mode are landing on November 26 - next Monday - alongside Score Attack levels "Great Pyramid II", "Afterlife II", and the new Horde map "Void". The campaign mission The Thrice Damned 3: Pyramid of Bes + Maharani Huntress Character Expansion Pack, featuring new playable hero Anjali Khan, will arrive the next day, on November 27.

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Strange Brigade

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