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Strafe shows off trailer solely dedicated to gore

It's a bit violent.

It's no secret that Pixel Titans' Strafe looks to be a bloody game when it releases next year, but now a trailer has been released solely dedicated to the gore the game will offer, and Pixel Titans seem extra proud of this aspect of their game.

The trailer shows off "the patented Uber Gore Tech 2.0" and the team "have spent a great deal of time working on the blood and gore in Strafe because, as we all know, players need to leave their mark on a level, and that mark should be gallons of guts. After a firefight, every player should be able to bask in the awesome mess they've made safe in the knowledge that every splash of blood represents a challenge they've overcome."

Bloody messes also help track where you've been, they add, and acid based enemies (like the Xenomorphs from Alien) add new layers to gameplay too. Do you like the gory features of Strafe?

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