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Stormrite teased for Game Pass

We're still waiting to hear when the game will launch.

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Stormrite was announced last year as an ID@Xbox title (self-published games), offering an open world to explore in an action-RPG setting. It seems to be a fantasy adventure with different classes, weapons and so on, taking place in the kingdom of Redreach.

While we still do not know when the game arrives, it seems like the formats are PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X - and that it will be a Game Pass title starting day one. At least the latter seems to be what the developer implies in a new tweet where they outright ask their followers if they would like to play this on Game Pass.

Check out the announcement trailer for Stormrite below. Hopefully we'll get a confirmation of both release date and Game Pass inclusion fairly soon, perhaps during Gamescom. Check out the announcement trailer for the game below.


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