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Metroid Prime 4

Store seemingly leaks Metroid Prime 4 release date

A release date was spotted on Czech retailer SuperGamer recently, which gives us a bit more hope on a title we've heard nothing about.

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While Nintendo has technically revealed Metroid Prime 4 to get fans of the series excited, they haven't revealed anything beyond a logo, leaving fans to speculate what the game is about, how it will look, and who's responsible for development. Still, according to one Czech store, the game could be out this year.

Badfive recently stumbled across Czech website SuperGamer, one of the bigger retailers in the country, and apparently they briefly featured some interesting information about the game, saying that it will be "in stock on 29.11.2019".

That day might be a "holiday 2019" indicator or a placeholder, but it's still interesting to hear that it could be in our hands before 2020. Of course this isn't an official announcement or anything, so take it with a pinch of salt, but considering how little information we know, we can dream.

Do you think a holiday 2019 release for Metroid Prime 4 is feasible, even when we've heard so little?

Metroid Prime 4

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