Still Wakes the Deep

Still Wakes the Deep is inspired by The Thing

Sumo Digital and The Chinese Room's upcoming horror game shared all the inspirations that make it what it is.

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Still Wakes the Deep looks like one of the most intriguing upcoming horror games. It's a new IP, but that doesn't mean it's not drawing from classic horror movies, TV shows, books, and more to make its own unique atmosphere and way of scaring you.

As revealed in an Xbox Partner Preview post (we also got to see some gameplay thanks to the Partner Preview), the premise of Still Wakes the Deep is essentially The Thing but located on an oil rig. "Our project elevator pitch was: 'The Thing' on an oil rig. This short phrase, uttered in a few seconds, touched off a spark in those who heard it, instantly getting them creatively excited in the game," said lead designer Rob McLachlan.

It isn't just a 1:1 remake of The Thing but on an oil rig, though. Still Wakes the Deep pulls inspiration from plenty of other horror products, too. Its mix of beauty and transformation in horror takes ideas from Annihilation. Its structure is inspired by The Poseidon Adventure, and the darkness of the 70s was inspired by Sapphire & Steel.

All this comes together to create a horror game that looks like it'll be a refreshing one to play, and if it can be a mix of all these amazing spooky IPs, then that sounds doubly impressive.

Still Wakes the Deep

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