Still Wakes the Deep

Still Wakes the Deep gets four first horror filled screenshots

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One of the more surprising and intersting announcements yesterday at Microsoft's Xbox Games Showcase was Still Wakes the Deep. It takes place on a Glaswegian oil rig, where our protagonist blue-collar worker "must fight for his life through a visceral storm, claustrophobic surroundings, thick, dark and perilous North Sea waters".

Unfortunately all communications are cut off and we have to survive through seemingly endless horrors to stay alive. The developers themselves describes the game like this:

"Rush to escape the terrifying, strange entity that has besieged the rig. It's aware of you, and it needs you... Climb, hide and swim through tight, warping corridors and storm-lashed iron decks. Search for your crew and help them survive - someone is trapped in the galley; another needs you to restore the power, and something strange is happening to your pain-in-the-arse boss. Through it all, you just pray to hear your daughter's voice one last time."

Yesterday, we showed you the first trailer from this seemingly horrifying adventure, and today we also have the first screenshots, which you can check out below.

Still Wakes the Deep launches early next year for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. It is also included with Game Pass starting day 1.

Still Wakes the Deep
Still Wakes the DeepStill Wakes the Deep
Still Wakes the DeepStill Wakes the Deep

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