Stick it to the Man!

Stick It To The Man! coming to PS3, Vita

Beautiful indie title officially announced for PlayStation formats in 2013.

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Swedish indie studio Zoink Games have mainly been focusing on mobile platforms as of late, but with Stick It To The Man! they're thinking bigger as it will see release on PS3 (PSN) and PS Vita. Zoink Games are perhaps best known for their involvement with The Kore Gang - a game initially dreamt up for Xbox and eventually released on Wii, and Weewaa - a plushtoy game for Wii that never saw release, but then appeared as Weewaa Rock On for iOS recently.


Stick It To The Man is a platform/adventure game that sees the player using a spaghetti-like pink lasso tool to edit the world around him. Sort of like an adventure take on the creative element of Little Big Planet if you will. Or in Zoink founder Klaus Lyngeled's own words " it's a mind-reading game set in a paper and sticker universe".

Stick It To The Man! is due out later this year and the art style certainly piques our interest.

Stick it to the Man!
Stick it to the Man!Stick it to the Man!
Stick it to the Man!Stick it to the Man!

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