Stellaris: The Machine Age is out now

The DLC lets you enter a period of technological marvels, synthetic enhancements, and more.

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Sci-fi strategy game Stellaris has just released its brand-new DLC, The Machine Age. As you can probably guess from the name, the expansion is all about machines, in both the benefits and the dangers they can bring.

The Machine Age adds in a new endgame crisis as players have to find a way to aid or deal with Cetana, the Synthetic Queen. There's also a new crisis path, and a lot more focus put on machine empires, allowing you to build a proper story around them.

As you delve deeper into your love of robotics, you can also show off your enhancements with a new set of portraits, and can pick from three different origins to show your connection to the machine. Check it out here if you're an old Stellaris fan looking for an excuse to play a new campaign.


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