Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade will not launch with a photo mode

But, the game's director says you can always ask, if you have a 500-word response ready for why you need a photo mode.

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Stellar Blade's demo launches tomorrow, and the game is just under a month away from being available in full. Ever since it was first revealed, it seems people can't stop talking about Stellar Blade, and particularly its protagonist Eve.

Due to certain aspects of Eve's design, some Stellar Blade fans (you know who you are) were hoping for a photo mode at launch. As they say, a picture will last longer, after all. However, speaking with Famitsu, game director Hyung-Tae Kim confirmed there's going to be no photo mode at launch.

You can ask Kim for features after launch, and he does say he'll do his best to answer feedback, but there are no promises. I'm sure people will just want to use the photo mode to capture cool battles and the game's world. Why else could they want to take pictures of something in the game?

Stellar Blade launches on the 26th of April for PS5, check out our preview here.

Stellar Blade

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