Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade was the top-selling game in the US last month

I guess people really meant it when they said they'd buy it twice.

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Even after somewhat of a controversial lead up to launch, it seems that the conversation around Shift-Up's Stellar Blade only managed to bring it positive attention. According to data from Mat Piscatella and Circana, the game lead the sales in the US for April.

It was followed by another Sony-published game, that being the ever-popular Helldivers II. We also get to see the power of the Fallout TV show as Fallout 4 landed in the top 5 for game sales for last month, too.

However, we did see a bit of a dip when it came to hardware and accessory sales. Content sales remained strong, but these were apparently mostly driven by the mobile market, according to Piscatella.

Stellar Blade

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