Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade trailer gives us a glimpse at the game's most terrifying bosses

Even as we see silhouettes of the Naytiba, it's enough to realise they mean business.

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Despite what the internet might have you believe, Stellar Blade is not just a game where you stare at the main character's behind for 20 hours before getting a Platinum trophy. No, you actually have to fight in this game, against enemies that can be incredibly tough.

Few are tougher than the Naytiba. These monstrous beasts will act as important bosses in the game, as you try to reclaim Earth for humanity. In the trailer below, we only get glimpses at their appearance, but they already seem like a great threat.

Check out the trailer below, and if you're looking to get more information on Stellar Blade before it launches later this month, check out our preview here.


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