Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade locks in 2024 release window

We've not got a specific date yet, but more details could come soon.

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Stellar Blade is eyeing 2024 for its launch. The first console game from Korean developer Shift-Up has been one to watch for some time now, but we have had very little information about the game.

Now, in a new Sony blog post looking ahead to 2024, we can see Stellar Blade is lined up for release next year. Also, this is just speculation, but from looking at the post, it might be looking at a late Spring to early Summer launch.

There's not much to go on, but considering that the paragraph before Stellar Blade mentions Rise of the Ronin launching in March, the paragraph after talks about Destiny 2: The Final Shape coming in June, and the post does seem to be dealing with big releases in chronological order, it is possible that's when we'll see Stellar Blade. Take this with a massive pinch of salt, though, as considering we've still seen very little of the game, it's more likely it's going to be coming out later rather than sooner in 2024.

Stellar Blade

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