Steelrising's Cagliostro's Secrets DLC arrives in November

It'll bring a new level, quest, a boss, weapons, and more.

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Nacon and Spiders has slapped a date on when Steelrising players can look forward to jumping into the first DLC for the action-RPG. As noted in a press release, we're told that this lump of post-launch content, known as Cagliostro's Secrets, will be coming on November 10, 2022, and that it will serve up an array of new content additions.

As for what this new content is, we're promised an all-new level, a new quest line, another boss, five new weapons, a collection of new enemies as well as some variations of existing ones, two new characters, and a few side quests that will even take you back to locations in the base game.

The storyline behind Cagliostro's Secrets has been briefly touched upon as well, with the press release adding, "In this new quest, you find yourself embroiled in a gripping story involving the King's agent, the Comte de Cagliostro. No one will return unscathed after exploring Hôpital Saint Louis - a new area whose secrets have been hidden by Louis XVI."

It continues, "On this dark adventure, where you must outwit Cagliostro's Mesmer-inspired machinery, you will encounter new enemies and unlock new weapons and costumes. Are you ready to discover the shocking truth about the alchemy that powers the King's automatons?"

It should be said that to access this DLC, you will need to have completed the Bastille quest in the main game, which is quite a fair distance through the storyline, so be sure to reach that point before Cagliostro's Secrets arrives, if you intend to jump in on day one, when it arrives on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series consoles.


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