SteamWorld Heist

SteamWorld Heist to get new language packs

Image & Form will offer them for free, and they're aiming at "late February."

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The recently released SteamWorld Heist is one of the best games you can play right now (as acknowledged in our review), not only thanks to its unique turn-based strategy gameplay, but also thanks to its quirky, steambot-filled universe and fun sense of humour.

But there are many who haven't been able to fully enjoy its hilarious descriptions and conversations, as the game originally launched English-only. In order to fix this for those not fluent in Shakespeare's tongue, developer Image & Form is readying a new language pack.

As studio head Brjann Sigurgeirsson confirmed to Gamereactor, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Russian translations are all ready, and "we're looking at release of the update late February".

This update will of course be free as the studio admits they simply didn't have time for more languages at launch, and thus they'll be added soon as well as featuring in the upcoming adaptations that are set to hit additional platforms in the months ahead.

SteamWorld HeistSteamWorld Heist

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