SteamWorld Dig

SteamWorld Dig burrows onto the Wii U

After 3DS, PC, PS4 and Vita releases it's finally time for Wii U.

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Developer Image & Form has announced, that their retroesque adventure game SteamWorld Dig will burrow onto the Wii U, thanks fan requests, and the team being giant Nintendo fans.

The game was originally published for the Nintendo 3DS last autumn before expanding onto the PC and the Mac. It released on PS4 and PS Vita earlier this year.

There is no solid release date for the Wii U-version, other than 'this fall', but the developer says that the Wii U is the perfect platform for SteamWorld Dig. They also plan to make use of the GamePad and the Miiverse, but even they do not yet know exactly how yet.

SteamWorld Dig

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