Steam won't support future versions of Ubuntu Linux

As Ubuntu makes some changes ahead of the launch of future versions, Steam ditches its support for the popular OS.

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Due to Canonical's future changes to its popular Linux-based operative system has forced gaming hub-giant Steam to back out of supporting Ubuntu Linux starting with version 19.10 which is set to release in October. The reason for this (via PCGamer) is the fact that Canonical's choice to no longer include any 32-bit packages with its OS, which means that programs relying on 32-bit libraries or drivers, including a lot of Steam-supported games, will seize to work.

Steam won't seize support of Linux as a whole though, just future versions of Ubuntu. Steam will now, because of this debacle have to track down a new Linux desktop distributor.

Following the harsh criticism, Canonical released a statement regarding it earlier, stating that the company would continue to update "selected 32-bit i386 packages for Ubuntu 19.10 and 20.04 LTS,", but even though Canonical is seemingly backing away from its future changes for the OS, Steam is still looking for a new Linux distributor.

Steam won't support future versions of Ubuntu Linux

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