Steam splits soundtracks from the base game

There are a number of changes coming to soundtracks this month, which will no longer be listed as DLC.

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Valve has revealed a change that many will no doubt be happy about, as players can now access soundtracks for games without having to get the game itself, meaning they're no longer filed as DLC.

You can also download soundtracks without downloading the base game too, and you can browse and manage soundtracks from the library, as well as a music directory coming in too, rather than filing them under games.

Developers can also upload and manage soundtracks via the partner site, without using steamcmd, and developers can even sell the soundtracks before the game is available.

Soundtracks can have multiple quality levels as part of this change, and the interface for soundtracks in the library is "minimal", designed to make it easy to find content. Soundtracks can also contain associated content like liner notes and album artwork as well.

A tool has been created by Valve to let you convert soundtrack DLC to the new version, available at the bottom of the Basic Info tab for your store page, and all of these features will be available starting on January 20.

Are these welcome changes?

Steam splits soundtracks from the base game

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