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Steam Link app now available on iOS devices

You can now stream your PC games on your iPad, iPhone or Apple TV if you've got the right setup at home.

Just over one year since Apple rejected Valve's Steam Link app for iOS, the company has finally brought the streaming app to Apple's various platforms.

The app is free and available to download directly from the App Store, and it requires users to have a computer connected to the Internet via either a 5Ghz WiFi connection or an ethernet cable, as well as a Steam or MFI (made for iOS) controller paired to their device.

With that basic setup, users should be able to stream games from their desktop PC and play them on their devices, with the app working across iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Users should be able to access their entire Steam library, as long as they've got a strong enough network connection, of course.

Steam Link app now available on iOS devices

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