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Steam hits concurrent user record as people stay home

Coronavirus-dodging gamers have been putting in the hours at home, prompting a new record on Valve's PC platform.

The ongoing spread of COVID-19 has had a number of side-effects, and for once we've got something to report that isn't all negative. That's because the ongoing pandemic has prompted a new concurrent user record on Steam, with gamers staying at home and making the best of a bad situation by getting stuck into some of their favourite games.

As pointed out by SteamDB, this weekend saw more than 20 million people log in, with 6.2 million in-game - that's not the record of concurrent players in-game, however, as 7.2 million played concurrently back in early 2018 (thanks, PCGamesN)

Of the games being played yesterday, it looks like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive saw a nice little spike in players and became the third game on Steam to have one million concurrent players.

Steam hits concurrent user record as people stay home

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