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Steam Controller updates with "Mouse Region"

Improved cursor control with Valve's controller among other fixes.

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In the most recent Steam client beta update Valve has added a new function to their recent Steam Controller peripheral. The new feature added is known as Mouse Region, and essentially makes it easier for gamers to use the mouse pad when trying to access specific areas of a game's UI.

This latest addition allows players to map parts of the touch pad to a region within the game screen to allow users to move the mouse to across the screen immediately. This of course is great news for strategy gamers as it makes quick switching between menus a lot easier and makes the game-flow a lot faster and enjoyable.

As of yet the controller is only available if you're a part of the Steam Client Beta but will most likely be released publicly. The recent update to the Beta that was released on the 24th also comes with improved finger tracking for the touch pad and various other bug fixes.

Steam Controller updates with "Mouse Region"

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