State of Mind

State of Mind release date set for August 15

Arrives on PC and consoles on the same date.

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Daedalic Entertainment has announced that their highly promising transhumanism adventure State of Mind is getting its release on August 15 across PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

"State of Mind is a game about transhumanism and its all-in bet on the future," explains the game's author, Martin Ganteföhr, via press release. "It is, however, not a game about the technology of tomorrow, but about tomorrow's people. In the center of this narrative is the motif of separation and reunion. What happens, if the future creates fractures between body and mind? Between reality and constructs? Between biological and virtual ego?"

The player assumes the role of journalist Richard Nolan, who wakes up in a hospital following an explosion. His wife and son are missing, and you're tasked with sorting out Nolan's fragmented life. You'll also play as five additional characters apart from the main character, Nolan.


For more on State of Mind, check out our recent preview from E3.

State of Mind

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