State of Mind

State of Mind interacts with the concept of mind uploads

"We have a protagonist here whose upload has gone wrong".

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State of Mind, a game about transhumanism, is due out next year and Gamereactor recently caught up with Creative Lead Martin Ganteföhr to discuss the game and the thoughts that have gone into this very interesting title.

"It is a game about a future which is in 2048," Ganteföhr explained, "where our protagonist, Richard Nolan, finds out that he has been subject to a mind upload. This is an exciting topic for me because there are people at Google [...] who actually predict that this is going to happen, that we will be able to upload our minds, and the question of the game is what does that mean, what does that do to us? And so we have a protagonist here whose upload has gone wrong and who needs to find out about that and who needs to put himself back together."

In regards to how he approaches this and how the game deals with these issues, Ganteföhr said that "all of that sounds scary when humanism is something that you've grown up with. It sounds scary to me and certainly State of Mind is a game leaning to the dystopian side of it, but for the first time in my life I have to say I'm not quite sure. Maybe those promises of a Utopian future, technology-driven Utopian future - what is so bad about that? What's so bad about living forever? [...] the game does not give definite answers. It does ask the questions."

State of Mind will come out for Linux, Mac, PC, PS4 and Xbox One next year.

State of MindState of MindState of Mind

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