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State of Mind

State of Mind "didn't want to take sides all too easily"

We had a deep talk with creative lead Martin Ganteföhr, as it could be "a complete change of the whole universe".

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We really enjoyed State of Mind (as you can tell from our review) when we played it in the summer, as it offers an intriguing universe and, above all, a dual narrative about transhumanism that makes players reflect after playing. At Fun & Serious Game Festival in Bilbao we had the chance to talk with creative lead Martin Ganteföhr to learn more about the game and its "high concept".

Ganteföhr describes protagonist Richard as "a man torn in half", something that players might feel themselves, as with the game's dualism. "I didn't want the game to take sides all too easily," he said.

Talking about life-changing technology and augmentations, Ganteföhr believes "it could come to the point where people are no longer created equal for real, and that is of course a threatening thought. I'm from Germany and I'm kind of sensitive to this type of thought."

In the complete video interview the creative lead also shares his thoughts on the low-poly style of State of Mind, how it compares to a "fundamentally different" Detroit: Become Human, and on how "all videogames are virtual realities".

Have you tried State of Mind for yourself yet?

State of Mind

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