State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2's world is much bigger, better co-op

Players can spend more time exploring.

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State of Decay 2 will feature a much larger world than the first time around, meaning players can freely explore to a much greater degree. In an interview with IGN the CEO of developer Undead Labs, Jeff Strain, confirmed this, along with the planned greater focus on co-op functionality.

Whilst he didn't confirm the actual size of the map, Strain did say that the playable area would be "substantially larger" than in the original State of Decay, which was already quite nicely sized. State of Decay 2 will also feature four-player co-op as with the last game, but with much less in the way of restrictions.

In the original State of Decay, co-op was very restricted, and players could only stay within a certain distance of each other, but Strain confirmed that this time you don't need to stick together - even though it might not be a good idea strategically.

"You could be working on completely separate objectives and only come together as needed to get each other out of a tight spot." Strain explained to IGN. "Ultimately, you'll be more effective playing close together, but as always with State of Decay, your play style is up to you."

When asked about a possibility of PvP in State of Decay, the game's design director Richard Foge spoke up, saying that players wont be able to attack each other directly, but they will be able to negatively affect each other should they wish.

"[There are] plenty of ways that they can be a hostile force in your world because they can directly affect the simulation in meaningful ways."

State of Decay 2 is expected to release at some point next year, although we aren't sure exactly when. It'll release as a Play Anywhere game on Xbox One and Windows 10, meaning you can play it on both PC and Xbox One from a single purchase.

State of Decay 2

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