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Starship Corporation

Starship Corporation: "It's all about efficiency"

Build your own starships in this new strategy title.

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We met with David "Ratakari" Murent, the creator and designer of Starship Corporation, and found out more about his unique and interesting real-time strategy game where players must build robust space ships and then send them out into the unknown.

"I just wanted to have decisions over lots of different rooms," Murent told us, "you can decide the whole layout of the ship. And then, when you see it for the first time being tested in the real-time strategy element, you can then even go back and say: "ok, that doesn't make sense, the shield is there and not there." You can go back and take out every last bit of rating you can get so that it gets the... It's all about efficiency, right?! How few crew members can you get away with how less of a budget so you can make the best profit."

Murent mentioned that he's working with Iceberg Interactive, which means the development process is picking up pace (previously it was just him, but now he has some help). He also confirmed that the game is going to release as an Early Access title.

Starship CorporationStarship Corporation
Starship CorporationStarship CorporationStarship CorporationStarship Corporation
Starship CorporationStarship CorporationStarship Corporation

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