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StarLadder and PUBG Corp. partner for European PUBG league

Launching alongside the North American version.

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We've just found out that PUBG Corp. is bringing its own $1 million USD PUBG league to North America, but now the StarLadder website has revealed that the developer has also partnered with StarLadder to launch the first professional league for the game in Europe too, this time having 1 million euros at stake.

This is called the PUBG Europe League (PEL) and will also feature a Contenders League, with the prize pool split between both. Like the North American league, this will start in January and slot into the global competitive system in the same way, with almost the exact same format. The top teams will qualify for an international event at the end of the season to decide the season's champion, and the league itself will have three phases, where 16 teams will battle it out in a LAN studio in "one of the European capitals".

PUBG Corp. will provide housing and travel support to the teams, and continue to support them with revenue sharing too, with more details on all of this coming later on. For now though, all we need to know is that qualifying tournaments start this month and run until December, culminating in a LAN event with 32 teams.

Alex Nam, Head of EMEA Business, VP at PUBG Corp., said: "Taking the next step in our five-year plan, the PUBG Europe League brings more consistency with regular matches from professional teams, bringing an increase in competitive matches for the fans and players of PUBG to get excited for and watch. The more matches on offer from the league will ensure teams are enhancing their skills and strategy over the course of the season, to result in matches with even more grandeur."

"We are also very glad to have joined forces with StarLadder on this remarkable project. StarLadder has proven themselves as a reliable, innovative and highly motivated partner. We are expecting a great many exciting things coming out for this partnership."

Promotion and relegation are also part of the league, as PUBG Corp. believes this system will ensure stability in the long term. The league doesn't plan on following a franchise model at the moment, however, because "PUBG values teams that will enter the League through hard work and dedication."

The Open League - for entry-level teams - is set to be divided into Europe West, Europe East, and Middle East and Africa, while Contenders will unite the whole of Europe. Teams will then be able to advance by winning in special promotion tournaments at the conclusion of each phase.

Links on registration for each Open League can be found at the StarLadder link above. Will you be joining?

PUBG: Battlegrounds

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