Starfield's companion voice actors were nearly the protagonist

The voices behind Andreja and Sam Coe were nearly our own voices.

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After Fallout 4, it seems Bethesda isn't a super big fan of voicing its protagonist. But, early on the idea was there to have your space adventurer be a fully voiced character.

As voice actor Elias Toufexis confirmed over on Twitter/X, the plan originally was for him and fellow Starfield actor Cissy Jones to be the voices for the game's male and female protagonists, but then once that idea was scrapped, they instead were given the roles of the companions Sam Coe and Andreja.

Toufexis praised Bethesda for this decision, saying that in the gaming industry "once you're out, you're out." Considering the quality of the voices for the companions in Starfield, it's good that no one lost out on a job because of the decision for a voiceless protagonist.

What do you think, should we see more voiced protagonists in future Bethesda games?


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