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Starfield will take us back to Earth, have better companions and more random encounters

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Microsoft disappointed many out there by not showing anything new from Xbox Game Studios at The Game Awards, but at least we've gotten a nice treat from Bethesda before the holidays.

Bethesda Game Studios has released a new video in its Constellation Questions series for Starfield. This edition has Will Shen, the game's Lead Quest Designer, answering a handful of fan questions. That leads to the confirmation that we'll be able to travel back to our own solar system ( now called The Old Neighborhood) and at least take part in missions on Mars. Shen also talks about how random encounters actually include entire towns this time around, companions having a much larger role that includes having them speak for us and share their opinions, and most certainly not least that we won't be locked out of another faction's questline by doing one for another. The latter is because they instead want us to be able to influence the direction every faction goes without necessarily becoming its leader.


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