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Starfield will let us eat faster before fixing over encumbrance

Bethesda has revealed some of the updates and changes they're prioritising.

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Jonas and many others really enjoy Starfield, but there's no hiding that the game has some serious issues. Some of the most common complaints I've seen (besides those about bugs and technical issues) are how fast you become over-encumbered, not having maps for cities and spending too much time in menus. It seems like that last bit is one of the highest prioritised and/or easiest to fix.

Bethesda has released a statement about what kind of updates Starfield will get moving forward, making it clear the developers want to iron out technical issues and bugs before truly focusing on features players have been begging for.

It does sound like we'll get some quality-of-life changes sooner rather than later, however, and the team says its working on giving us city maps. Not that bringing those get top priority, as Todd Howard and crew have given us this lists of "top community requested features" that will be implemented in the first few updates coming to Starfield after today's hotfix:

  • Brightness and Contrast controls

  • HDR Calibration Menu

  • FOV Slider

  • Nvidia DLSS Support on PC

  • 32:9 Ultrawide Monitor Support on PC

  • Eat button for food

This does at least mean we won't have to add food to our inventory and then go into our menu to eat it much longer, as we'll be able to get the benefits straight away sometime in the fairly near future.

Finally, it's reiterated that built-in mod support is set to arrive in early 2024, so we probably won't see the craziest creations until then.

What kind of changes do you want to see first?


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