Starfield will be ready for launch in September of this year

Todd Howard has announced the release date and a special broadcast on June 11 about the game, which will miss the initial deadline.

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In the end it seems that Microsoft will not be able to meet its goal of launching Starfield in the first half of the year, but at least now we know when we should expect the next great Bethesda adventure. Starfield will arrive on PC and Xbox Series on September 6, 2023.

It was Todd Howard himself who appeared in the recently released date announcement trailer to explain that there will be a Starfield Direct on June 11 for us to see (and understand) the ambition that the studio has put into the project, and perhaps appease the spirits of those who may feel angry about not being able to play the title sooner.

On the other hand, the trailer shows new and spectacular gameplay of the more than a thousand planets that we will be able to visit while we create our own space adventure. You can check out the announcement of Starfield's release date below.


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