Starfield space explorers have played 40 hours on average

And Bethesda's space RPG has now climbed over 13 million players.

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Less than three weeks ago, we reported that Starfield had reached 12 million digital space explorers since the release. Fast forward until today, and Bethesda now reveals in an "End of the Year update" that another one million astronauts have begun their adventure, to a total of over 13 million.

They have also shared some interesting data about all our journeys amongst the stars in a new infograph revealing that Starfield players have an average playtime of 40 hours, which is quite a lot (although most of us at the office have more, some way, way more). We also get to learn that the most dangerous life form is Ashta, that gamers appreciate the power Sense Star Stuff and that we really love to eat Battlemeal Multipacks.

Check it all out in the image below.


Bethesda also writes that they are "targeting updates roughly every six weeks starting in February. These updates will include everything from quality-of-life improvements to content and feature updates."

Finally, we are informed that "the team is hard at work on the development of Shattered Space, our first major expansion coming next year. You'll have new story content, new locations, new gear, and much more."


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